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Why Kettlebells?

Spend 30 minutes with a kettlebell and you will know exactly why. Kettlebells are simple, effective and offer an endless variety of full body exercises to strengthen, tone and help improve joint mobility.

The origins of kettlebells are a matter of some speculation. Archaeological records show evidence of their use in Ancient Greece, making them up to 3,000 years old. Russia is regarded by many to be the home of kettlebells where, since the 18th century, the kettlebell or 'girya' has been used to display strength and as a handy unit of measure for trading goods. Since then it has been developed into a Russian National Sport which has become popular worldwide, including here in Ireland.

Kettlebells are tough, especially when starting out, but with good instruction, perseverance and a lot of sweat you will be amazed at what you can achieve with this hand-held cannonball.

Our classes are fun, friendly and progressive and beginners are always welcome - find your nearest class here. We look forward to making you sweat!





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